Running a busy life?

For all you power girls, working moms,

office girls, beauties and gym beasts,

shopaholics, party animals & nobody's wives,

these are your All-time Favourites.

ATF Bags, bigger than life.

hand luggage

Travel in style

Are you going on a trip and looking for a fashionable hand luggage bag? Or a day at the spa, a weekend get-away or do you go shopping? Then our big shoppers with zippers are your perfect companion!

On the go

Always in style

Having a busy on-the-go life? Then our small shoppers are perfect. For groceries, your laptop or your gym outfits; these small shoppers with zippers fit every daily adventure!

Beach bag

Summer chic

Going on holiday is a party in itself, but it becomes even more fun when you arrive on the beach with an All-time Favourites beach bag. Add our matching beach towel and all eyes will be on you this summer on the beach! ATF = summer chic!


You can use some color!

You can use some color!

Do you have that too? Little bags, gray skin, what pale when wearing a beige sweater? Are you still tired after a farmer's night? It will...

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Meet ATFriend Annemiek!

Meet ATFriend Annemiek!

A few weeks ago I suddenly saw her name again in the webshop: Annemiek! A fan of the very first hour. After she got tig ATF sho ...

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