3 new babies !!

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the big bag brand in the Netherlands. This week the ATF family has been expanded again with 3 "new babies" coming from a whole new factory!

Once again I had something in mind ... when I was on vacation with my love, I saw a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful maxi beach dress walking, somewhat aqua-like in color, with "tie dye" as a print. BAM, in love, I wanted to do something with this for ATF. I immediately sent photos to the factory. But we immediately encountered a problem there; tie dye is not a print. It is a technique, a way of painting. You cannot imitate this in a print, because every cloth or fabric that you paint according to the tie-dye technique becomes different. The spots that arise are always different and that makes it so beautiful. You tie the fabric together (to tie in English) and then you put that roll in a bath and paint it (to dye is painting in English). If you then remove it from the dye bath, wash it and remove the buttons, you will see those beautiful "stains".

Via via I met someone who could help me with this. He has a factory where they use this technique very often and could help me completely with this plan. I wanted a tough army / khaki-colored variant and a blue variant. Dominique made another new design for the bag (my all-time favorite season). Gold for the khaki bag and silver for the blue. We added leather handles and thought the bag is finished!

But when I got the first prototypes in my hands, I missed the typical ATF touch. And so there came the matching lucky keychain (which you can also buy separately for 9,95 €) to brighten up the bag. On the key ring hang a lucky double, a matryoshka doll that symbolizes fertility, eternity, love and friendship, two brightly colored pom poms and a number of summery shells. A bundle of feel-good! It is also a super nice gift for someone who could use a little luck!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy with the result. It is a time-consuming technique that tie-dye, but then you really have something. I am proud of this new "handmade collection". To which also a third bag belongs (of course we also have the matching toilet bag with each bag!); the jacquard shopper.

Jacquard is a very heavy material, comparable to furniture fabric or curtain fabric. It is a very rich material. I had a kind of black / white aztec print in my head and asked my new supplier if he could search for it. And so I received the first prototype after a few weeks. I thought it was really beautiful, but it was so dark and that made the bag look so heavy. No this wasn't him anyway. Until I turned the bag inside out. YES, this is it. (see photos) We have added some leather details to the bag and also that cozy colorful key ring and then this new luxury line within ATF was complete! 3 great new shoppers that really give ATF a new image, I think!

But what do you think? I think that is MUCH more important! Let me know.

Love Happy Brechje! X


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