Ask 8 for ATFriend Brenda

Nice that you are here again and read our weekly blog. As you know, we have many enthusiastic fans, whom we call ATFriends. And because we like to let these fans speak, we ask an ATFriend 8 questions every month and this time it is Brenda Roos.

Brenda Roos is a name we often encounter here in the office, she is always very enthusiastic about social media, she sends us photos and she is a frequently seen name in the webshop! A real fan, a real ATFriend!

1. What was your first ATF item?

My very first item was the little shopper with stars with the accompanying toiletry bag. I am still completely happy with this bag that can hold so much in addition to that I love everything with a star print. At first I bought it for the summer to enjoy the beach, ideally the toilet bag there for my indispensable sunburn. Now this bag is taken to the gym quite a few times a week. Since the purchase of my first item it is getting a bit out of hand. So many nice bags and prints. And because I am not so good at making choices, I have slowly put together a collection.

2. What do you use your ATF shopper (s) for the most?

You better ask yourself what I don't use my ATF bags for. They go to the beach, day trips, to amusement parks, to the gym, to festivals, on a ski holiday and of course every 1 bag for the whole family as hand luggage. I use the small python festival bag almost every day as a shoulder bag, everything fits in and it is easy to carry. I bought it for a festival but I like it so much that it is also used as a shoulder bag. Of all my beautiful memories, 1 has witnessed my ATF bags. That can also be seen on the many photos where the ATF bag is prominent or in a small corner.

3. What is your all-time favorite activity?

My favorite activity is mainly sports. With a smile on my face I go to the gym while my ATF bag hangs on my shoulders. What I particularly like is to do things with which you create memories that draw a smile on your face. They don't necessarily have to be big things. Daughter who suddenly gives a hug and says "I love you" makes me happy. Think that is also the ATF feeling. This summer I enjoy being outside for a long time with the nice weather. With my daughter or with friends, a snack and drink, a little chat, laughter, long evenings, a fire and enjoying the sun and freedom. The ATF towels are so nice and soft and are perfect when I feel the sun be nice and warm! During the holidays, the moment that makes me happy is with my feet in the sand for a long time, preferably in the evening, take a quick dip or go crazy with my lovely daughter at sunset. Or of course just chill with a drink in my hand just enjoy.

4. We often hear that ATF generates a kind of feel good feeling. Do you recognize that? And what makes you even more happy?

Yes I certainly recognize that! Especially since I feel good when I am outside with nice weather, and have everything we need in an 1 ATF bag. My last purchase (the small croco black) is now striking in the living room. Simply because I am already happy to see this bag. When I have ordered another item, I am eagerly awaiting delivery, unpacking alone is a party.

5. Which holiday destination is your all-time favorite and why?

What a difficult question! There are so many countries and destinations that I have experienced as fantastic.

Last year Jamaica was an experience I didn't want to miss. The vibe that hangs on that island, the positive people around you and a nature that takes your breath away. Including the sunsets that I love so much. Our camping trip through Kenya / Tanzania was also 1 to remember. Sleep in a national park while you heard the animals go through the jungle. Waking up in the morning and seeing the footsteps of hippos around your tent, quite exciting. And there he comes again that sunset, but this time with a row of giraffes in front, sounds idyllic but we really saw it! We will certainly do another trip through Africa with our daughter, when she is a little older and she can also make beautiful memories.

6. At ATF we like a drink, which is your favorite?

How recognizable I also like a drink. Anyway I love a nice dry white wine. My drink this summer is the Desperados with a slice of lemon, nice and fresh while I enjoy the sun and the people around me. In addition, we enjoy experimenting with cocktails at home and those with "43" are often favorites.

7. What color / print do you still miss in the ATF collection?

All the prints that are there make me so happy. And of course the other items that ATF has. From the natural python I have all the items and can't think of what I still miss ... when I think of my keywallet I immediately get a smile on my face. How my hubby always went to pay with that little mini bag and the people there started to recognize him by the bag (hihi that did something with his masculine feeling). But I don't like paying so he was sent on the road again and again ... with my keywallet of course! You can count on it that I can expand my collection with the already fantastic collection. And think with me many more given the positive reactions to my bags.

8. Is there anything you would like to ask us? -> I can ask anything about your bags, but I can imagine how proud you are of what you have already achieved. So my question to Brechje is: what did you get the ATF feeling this summer? Because the summer gives me the perfect ATF feeling ;-)

What a very nice question! I am absolutely proud. Maybe I should think about it more often, but because "the train is racing so hard", I don't really take the time. But the feeling is certain! My ATF moment this summer was on the back of the scooter with my friend in Barcelona. It was so hot in the city that we wanted to escape from the heat, so we rode up Mount Tibidabo. The higher we got, the more pleasant the temperature became, the better the view and the nicer the air. Of course around my shoulder an ATF bag, in my arms my love and then riding up the mountain was really a great feeling. I also said it out loud that it was a lucky moment! Thank you for your nice answers and your enthusiasm for All-time Favorites!

Have a great weekend everyone! Love, Brechje


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