Ask 8 for ATFriend Priscilla

As you now know, we have real fanatics, also die-hard fans who have almost the entire collection in their possession. This includes ATFriend Priscilla. I met Priscilla during our qualitative research, for which she had applied. And there she was asked what she already had from All-time Favorites. I barely fell off my chair when I heard what she had bought, SO MUCH! For me it sometimes remains unreal that someone has so many items from my brand. It even made me a bit shy at the time.

And that is why it seemed like a good idea to let Priscilla speak this month and asked her our 8 questions:

1. What was your first ATF item?

My first item was the Canvas Old Rose toilet bag that I bought during your sample sale. I then immediately ordered the matching shopper, the 1 cannot do without the other in my world. :)

2. What do you use your ATF shoppers for the most?

I use the shopper for everything where I need a bag; when I go out, go shopping, shopping, sports, beach, vacation.

3. What is your all-time favorite activity?

My all-time favorite activity is doing what makes me feel good. Alone or together with friends and family. My health has left something to be desired in recent years, so enjoy the day, because everything can be different tomorrow

4. We often hear that ATF generates a kind of feel-good feeling. Do you recognize that? And what makes you even more happy?

I certainly recognize that! What makes me even more happy is the sun on my face when I sit on the terrace with a snack, a drink and nice company.

5. Which holiday destination is your all-time favorite and why?

My favorite vacation destination, I haven't found it yet. As long as the atmosphere is relaxed, the food is good and the wine is tasty, every destination is sufficient.

6. At ATF we like a drink, which is your favorite?

I like to drink a mix like Jack / Cola or Maker's / Cola and my ultimate drink is a shot of tequila.

7. Which print or color do you still miss in the ATF collection?

Summer fruits print, such as cherries, strawberries or watermelon

8. Is there anything you would like to ask us?

There is of course the toilet bag, where I put everything in, but an option for a separate inner bag, so that not everything is roaming through my bag, I would also love it. Is that perhaps something for the next collection?

@Priscilla: thanks for your nice answers! I will consider whether we can develop an inner bag (bag-in-bag)! And with regard to the summer fruit print: I will also take it for the summer 2020 collection (summer 2019 collection is already finished)!

Have a nice weekend, love



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