8 questions to ATFriend Quinty Trustfull!

BIG NEWS! Today we are launching the limited edition exclusive QUINTY BAG designed by Quinty Trustfull! About a year ago I asked Quinty what she would think of designing her own ATF shopper. She immediately reacted very enthusiastically! Quinty is a big ATF fan since our first meeting at an event of Friends of the brands a few years ago. I then told her that ATF was often associated with Quinty because, you think, we are both characterized by female power, adventure, style and approachability. That Quinty and ATF would enter into a collaboration was actually just a matter of time!

The nicest thing I thought was, on the day we had our 1e appointment together last summer, that she just arrived nicely on her bike, with her sportswear on, she sat down next to me on a terrace to brainstorm about how we could shape this together . An 100% fashionable, cheerful, sweet but above all super approachable woman who only radiates female power and positivity. In my eyes the perfect match with ATF. The development of the bag was ultimately a walk in the park. Quinty knows exactly what she wants; she has a weakness for leopard prints, she likes a bit of bling / bling AND hard bright colors look great on her. And so we came across a leopard shopper, with sequins, combined with the beautiful color purple. And because Quinty loves sets, this limited edition Quinty Bag is only available as a set, so shopper + toilet bag!

That is why it seems very nice this week to put our monthly "8 questions to an ATFriend" at Quinty!

1. What was your first ATF item? And why did you choose that one?

That was the big shopper camouflage. I travel a lot for the Postcode Loterij to Africa, for the charities and I found this print to go well with that, not too striking. The material is sturdy, does not get dirty quickly and when we are traveling there on site I like to have extra shoes with me for example. Sometimes you have to cover your shoulders somewhere and then I always get a jacket from my big shopper. This bag is also ideal as hand luggage!

2. What do you use your ATF shopper (s) for the most?

What not for? My husband currently lives in Atlanta (USA) so I fly his way very often and always travel with the small shopper black croco, which I use as hand luggage. For daily use I alternate my shoppers a bit when I go to Coffee time, at this moment the green disco shopper is a favorite. I often exercise, then I usually take the big shopper leopard with me because my boxing gloves, towel, shower gear, etc. fit perfectly!

3. What is your All-time favorite activity?

Being with my family. This may sound very cliché, but it is. Certainly now that everyone around the world lives far away from each other, I will become the top of the list when we are all complete.

4. We often hear that ATF generates a kind of feel-good feeling. Do you recognize that? And what makes you even more happy?

I certainly recognize that! I am always addressed on my ATF bags. People always respond and I find that so funny. I am happy when the sun shines. Waking up in the summer, when the city wakes up slowly, sun rays through the windows, then I lie in my bed and then I think: WEALTH!

5. Which holiday destination is your all-time favorite and why?

Difficult, I have not seen so much. Ibiza and Mallorca are always nice and nowadays Atlanta is also a favorite. But most of all I am looking forward to the journeys that I have yet to make and to everything I have yet to see. So I don't care about the destination either. Love to travel!

6. At ATF we like a drink, which is your favorite?

Nice red wine. Ribeiro de Duero, Rioja, Valpolicella or Barolo. I like nice full red wines. And a Gin Tonic on a really very summer day. But then Brockman gin. This is really the best, you have to taste it!

7. What color / print do you still miss in the ATF collection?

I missed a nice hysterical leopard print and that's why I designed it myself!

8. Is there anything you would like to ask me?

Yes, what I wonder is what feeling you get, Brechje, when you see someone with an ATF shopper?

Yes, that is of course the most fun and here it is for which I work so hard! It keeps surprising me every time. Especially when I'm abroad. For example, when I see someone in line at the check-in counter with an ATF shopper at a strange airport. Or on the beach. I am super proud. And what's great is, nowadays I get apps from all sides from friends and family, with pictures of people they spot with an ATF shopper!


Go to the QUINTY BAG now and let me know what you think of this new shopper! Enjoy your weekend.

Love, Brechje

Quinty Bag

Detail photo leopard Quinty Bag

Quinty with Quinty Bag


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