All things NEW

We are already heading towards the last week of August and then it is already September again. Summer went fast! Even though summer is my favorite season, I am also looking forward to a new season. At the moment, I actually like everything that is new, read along!

Last week we finally settled in our new office. Although it is not yet completely finished, it immediately feels good and familiar. The office is actually divided into two parts: the work area and the chill area. The latter is already finished! While drinking at our pink bar we can view the new summer 2019 collection hanging on the wall. Or we can have a nice lunch or drink coffee at the pink table together. Very important! The work area is still "in progress". There are still new desks and especially something on the wall. Anyway. It'll come.

The new samples from the summer 2019 collection have arrived and we have hung these on the wall immediately. That not only looks very nice, it also provides some damping so that it no longer echoes in this space. The new summer collection is like a candy store: nice and colorful and you can't choose! We of course have many large shoppers and small shoppers, beach towels and toilet bags! You can already get a small sneak peek from the new collection in the photos below.

Also new are the super cozy new mugs that Amber had made, in format tea and in format espresso, SO fun! So we each have our own mug here at the office. Layla and Amber are tea drinkers, for example, their mug says "Layla's cup of tea" and my mug says "Brechje's cup of coffee".

What I am currently working on is coming up with nice new items for the webshop as Christmas Gifts. For example, the mini key ring also comes in zebra and leopard, the make-up bags come back in the collection in python, leopard and zebra and .... I am thinking of Iphone cases, of course also in python, leopard and zebra. What do you think about this? Would you like this?

And then the last news of the week; our team has been expanded with Eline! She is the customer service talent that we were looking for last summer and she will start on Monday 3 September. All things new so here at All-time Favorites.

Enjoy your weekend and let me know what you think about the Iphone cases!

Love, Brechje


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