If you look VERY good ...

Only two more weeks and then the new winter collection will be online and you can find it in the best shops in the Netherlands. I actually wanted to try not to show you anything in advance. But I can't help it anyway and want to lift a little tip of the veil this week. So if you look very closely at the photo above ....

Then you see 1 of my favorites from the new collection; the "tweed" line. Before such a new line is completely finished, of course, a whole process must take place. I'm always looking around, browse through all the foreign magazines (without reading haha), browse the entire internet from Pinterest to Instagram and spot the trends. That's how I came across a lot of tweed in the magazines when I started this collection. I had saved photos and clippings of this. I thought it would be nice to incorporate that tweed, which you mainly see in clothing, into our bags in order to bring something very new to the collection.

So if I have such an idea in mind, I send those photos to the fabric supplier. They then send all kinds of small pieces of fabric to me. Often there is not immediately the right color or pattern. So then more samples must come. Until I have found the right one. I also wanted to do something with blue this winter. So I chose two colors for this line: blue and black.

Every year we organize a panel survey 2 or 3 once, where we let you, our ATFriends, speak. And after our previous panel survey, the ladies announced that there was a real need for even smaller shoppers. Last winter collection I added a shopper XS to the burgundy red collection as a test. Everyone thought that format was great, but you asked for more accessible colors. And so I listened! :-)

In the winter we sell fewer large shoppers than in the summer. Perhaps also because the large shoppers are often used as a beach bag and in the winter you often do not go to the beach or less. Therefore not a big shopper in this line. I did the small shopper in tweed blue, the shopper XS in black tweed and also a toilet bag in black tweed. When the first prototypes arrived, I was immediately very happy, but I missed a bit of "face". And I couldn't put my finger on what I missed. It is best for me then, to leave it for a while.

And a few days later I knew: a chain had to be added to the bag! First I had just done the small handle as usual and had the long handle made as a necklace. That was very beautiful. But when I went to test it myself in the supermarket, that long chain of heavy groceries was really painful on my shoulder. So then things had to change; now the small handle is a chain and the long handle is just like you are used to. This way it remains a handy bag, something we consider to be of paramount importance (and not just a nice bag)!

What do you think of this new line? I'm so curious!

Have a great weekend, love Brechje


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