When nobody is watching

That I wanted to develop a nice handy shopper was because I always saw women lugging that handy but not so trendy blue / yellow Swedish shopper. Today, of course, I still see many women walking with the same bag, but I also increasingly spot women with an ATF bag!

And that makes me so happy! I cannot describe that with a pen. Sometimes I even want to talk to someone and say that I like it so much, but then again I don't dare. What I do nowadays, when nobody is watching, is taking a picture very secretly. These are of course extremely poor quality photos because I have to do it quickly and inconspicuously. Sometimes I have to wriggle myself into weird poses to be able to take that photo at all.

All-time Favorites is becoming more and more famous, so it happens more and more often that I spot someone with an ATF shopper. I took the photos below last month. And now that I am on the eve of moving to Barcelona to set up ATF Spain there, I wonder: how long will it take before I spot Spanish ladies with an ATF bag? I have to start all over again from scratch. I think that is a great challenge!

Love, Brechje

ps Have you ever spotted someone you don't know at all with an ATF shopper?

In the train

At the bus

On the beach

On the airport

At the gate


Yes! 3 weeks ago in line at the gate. I like the leopard and she had the zebra print. I just thought; which is nice too! I also want ...

goddess 30 August, 2019

Two weeks ago when checking in in Italy. She was both the shopper in the baggage car for me. I said; what a handy bag huh? Well then we talked until checking in.

Judith 24 August, 2019


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