Always one step ahead!

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the big bag brand in the Netherlands. This week I will tell you how you are always one step ahead with one in your outfit!

Every year it comes back in our collection; the blue / white line. We have already had it in different designs; narrow stripes, wide stripes, vertical stripes and horizontal stripes. In white / blue and in blue / white. I think you can call the blue and white stripe (in any capacity) a true all-time favorite.

Because say it yourself; the line is never in or out of fashion? Or to think away from the streets at all? It is called the "nautical trend". But the word trend gives the impression that it is something temporary. While it is just so timeless. When I did my first communion and yes that was a long time ago, 1987 to be precise, my mother was already wearing this nautical trend. And when I was in high school, everyone wore those striped rugby shirts with a white collar and Donaldson was completely hot with everything in blue / white.

Everyone who loves sailing and boats always thinks in blue / white :-) and everyone who does not like boats or sailing thinks with a nice summer look also often in blue / white, right? Some call it French, think Coco Chanel and the sailor shirts. But it is also very Scandinavian. But also delicious Dutch! (If you are abroad, you will often recognize a Dutch woman; white skirt / trousers and a blue / white striped polo shirt)

I don't sail and I don't like the boats either. But I am a big fan of the line. In the winter and in the summer by the way. Throughout the year. As long as it's sunny in the spring in NL and I have to come up with a nice "outside look" that matches the sun, I immediately think of the line! Add a blue / white stripe to your look and you are instant summer chic! Whether that is a shirt or an ATF shopper; you bring the summer directly into your home.

This weekend the weather will be lovely, so this is the time to make the difference. If you don't have anything in your closet, know that we can always help you haha! We have the small shopper big stripes, the small shopper sailor off white and the large shopper sailor blue. And of course a matching toilet bag for all three!

Enjoy the wonderful weather. Love, Brechje


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