Arms wide open!

What a wonderful day it is today. Layla, Eline and I worked with power this week to finish the new site and get the new collection online. And we succeeded! At 15: 00 o'clock this afternoon everything was finished and the same time the first fall / winter items were ordered in the shop!

It was a race against the clock. Because as I had already mentioned in my previous blog, last week we also had a real sale for the first time. From Monday 14: 00 hour to Thursday 23: 59 hour we had an end-of-summer sale and it was PRESS! Never before have we had so many people at the same time in our webshop at 1. I was almost afraid that the shop would explode. Really.

And while you were shopping in the sale, I was in Edinburgh for the photo shoot of the new winter collection. I didn't know it was that beautiful there. It was the first time in Scotland for me. I had seen such beautiful photos that it seemed nice to photograph the winter collection there. We had rented a car and drove straight into the nature from the airport to be able to shoot the most beautiful shots. One spot was even more beautiful than the other. Sometimes it seemed as if the color of nature completely adapted to the bags and vice versa. Everything matched so well!

To me, launching a new collection is always very exciting. Anyway I am also confident. I have my arms wide open for this new collection and I hope you do too. Take a seat, browse around here and let me know which one will become your favorite! Nice weekend!

Love, Brechje


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