Arms wide open for a new adventure

Today I am not typing my blog with Jorien sitting behind me and Eline sitting in front of me at the office in Amsterdam. No. Today I am typing my very first blog from Barcelona, ​​where I have been living since this week to set up All-time Favorites Spain. What an adventure!

Last Sunday 1 September Jorien took over the daily management from me from our Dutch office, so that I have my hands free to do what I am good at; get something off the ground. (Founding as they call it in English.) Namely a new market. The Spanish market. With a very good feeling I leave the Dutch market to Jorien. She is a heck of a commercial talent that ATF can further grow and professionalize. Many times better than I could ever have. So that's very good for ATF. I gave birth to ATF and let it grow into a healthy toddler. Now Jorien is going to grow ATF NL into a big girl. That's how you should see it. And every month I fly back to Amsterdam to go through the current affairs with Jorien. Or Jorien flies to me, nice too!

And can I start a new sister again. Namely ATF España. That is of course a huge adventure. I find it very exciting but also great fun. In my weekly blog I will keep you informed of my Spanish adventure. The coming months will be entirely devoted to building "local knowledge": how does a Spanish woman move through her day? Who is she? How does she want to be addressed? How does she search on Google, etc. And then I hope that we can launch the Spanish site at the end of the year. But then we are not there yet. Then we have to work together with the Spanish Quinty Trustfulls and Kim Kötters, whom I have yet to find. The customer service, the pick & pack partner must be found. It will be quite a job. But I can't wait. My arms are wide open for this new adventure!

Love, Brechje

ps we had even more party this week, because our customer support hero Eline was employed for 1 years. As nice as you have toppers working around you!

ATF goes Spain

From bootcamp in Vondelpark, on the way to bootcamp in Parc de la Ciutadella

From a door and window with a pink ATF logo, to a beautiful old door

And from a peanut butter sandwich to pan con tomate ... I can get used to this. Hasta la proxima semana!


Good luck, Brechje. Are regularly at sandra in spain. Come and see you once.

Marjan Baaten 13 September 2019

Super Brechje. Goodluck. Greetings from Silves.

Marrion Dickmann 06 September 2019


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