Believe in miracles

The weeks fly by! I thought it was July or something, it is now almost October again. That also means that we are already in the new showroom for a month and a half. The last dots are placed on the i and this week the window sticker has arrived.

What do you think about it? Nice striking pink so that no one around us anymore. We sit with our window next to the barriers of the parking garage, so everyone who comes to the Houthavens now and park their car in the garage, is cheered up by our logo. And we ourselves too, by the way. It's really nice when you arrive on your bike in the morning and see that beautiful logo. Company Pride :-)

We are slowly getting ready for the winter. You too? Our social media are all about the fall. We have put the beach photos in a different folder for a while and they will no longer be used and displayed. That's why 1x is today a very last vacation / summer photo that was posted on Instagram by Iris this week. This makes me very happy every time you tag us in photos or send photos. But now that autumn is coming, I would like to ask you to mail only autumn photos of all your adventures; work, sports, walks, groceries etc. Because only you can prove, as an ATF user, that our bags are ALL-TIME handy and not just in the summer or on the beach. So I challenge you! Who will mail me this nice photo this weekend that we can post on Facebook next Wednesday? (are out of the question: sun and beach!)

Last week I also had a meeting with our representative from the South, Pascale in the sunshine. With our collection, Pascale travels through the south of the country to visit all those nice boutiques. So if you are looking for a nice store in the Netherlands that sells our bags, just click on points of sale and see if there is one in your area. Or do you miss a nice point of sale in your area, then we would love to hear from you! Who knows, maybe Pascale can go there once.

And now that summer is really coming to an end, this is the time to look back; we really had a nice summer! Not only in terms of weather in the Netherlands, but also as All-time Favorites. We have another nice team member (Eline), we have a new fantastic office and we have grown again. Work hard and believe in miracles! That is my motto. Have a great weekend.

Love, Brechje


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