Almost Father's Day!

YES it is Friday again and therefore time for my weekly blog and this week it is all about the men, the fathers, the friends, the heroes, because it is almost Father's Day!

Next Sunday is Father's Day again and for many, including myself, it will always be another day I think about; what should I give him this year? I must admit that I regularly made it easy for myself by buying another scent for him at the last minute (sorry dad). Or something with a cord, such as a hedge trimmer or high-pressure sprayer. I used to buy a present together with my two brothers. But now that all three of us have not been living at home for years and each has his own household, we no longer give a gift together. So every year I walk on my own to think about what to display.

My father had previously indicated that he sometimes wanted an ATF bag. But he didn't think the pink lining and logo fit perfectly. My father plays a lot of golf, makes regular trips and fortunately often comes to stay with us in Amsterdam. And yes you already feel it coming; he therefore needed his own ATF bag. So when we launched the MAN BAG last fall, I naturally knew what I was going to give my father. I didn't have the patience to wait until Father's Day, so I gave it before.

Therefore for all of you: you can stop searching! We now have something that is REALLY super fun to give your father / husband / love with Father's Day; the ATF MAN BAG!

The ATF MAN BAG has been a test to see if there are men who want to be stylish on the go. And that test passed. Even though there are still men who go to the gym or the beach with a plastic bag, or who always travel with a trolley, (these men may just need a little help from us hihi) super many men already have us bought a bag. so YES, just like us, men also want such a handy multi-functional bag for all their activities.

And the great thing about it, these men, just like you ladies, enthusiastically sent photos of the MAN BAG in use, which you have probably already seen on social media. And that also inspired my father hahaha, to take this photo at the stairs of the plane. Too nice!

Do you want to give a really nice gift this year? Shop now the MAN bag with 20% discount with the code PAPA (valid until 15 June). This bag is available in 2 colors, green and blue and is finished with beautiful leather details. I'm sure he'll be happy with it! Have fun giving in advance!

Nice weekend! Greetings Brechje


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