Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. Since when is this suddenly there? In February 2015 I opened the doors of our webshop and as far as I can remember we did not celebrate 2015 in November in the Netherlands. A year later I don't think so either, in 2016. Last year we "participated" in this American phenomenon for the first time. I do not believe that many people came to it then.

But this year everything is different in my opinion. We can no longer ignore it. From AH to the Jumbo, from to Wehkamp, ​​from the local bakery to the fun fashion boutique on the corner and even museums and theaters; everyone participates in Black Friday.

We have never received so many emails and apps with the question whether we will participate in Black Friday. In 2018, Black Friday really penetrated the Dutch population in my opinion. "What a hysteria" I hear people say and "ridiculous those American scenes". Now in the Netherlands it is all about Dutch: do it normal then you are already acting crazy enough, luckily. But I have to tell you that I do like it, a bit of a buzz in the month of November.

Unless you have young children and therefore celebrate Sinterklaas, but everyone who does not (no longer) celebrate Sinterklaas often keeps his hand on the pin in November. Silence before the storm for the already expensive festive month. To go crazy in December on Christmas gifts and Christmas outfits.

November was therefore often a weak month for stores in the Netherlands. Certainly if it is not even very cold and you for example do not really need a cardigan, warm jacket or sweater, then they often wait for the sale. And that is precisely why Black Friday was created!

With a little discount you can buy nice things for yourself, make trips and enjoy a nice meal. We are all going to have a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow I am going to the city with my love to go shopping and have a nice lunch. Fancy. If you also want to treat yourself to something nice; we participate in Black Friday and you can shop until Monday evening (Monday = Cyber ​​Monday :-)) with a small short on the Black Friday Page.

Nice weekend!

Love, Brechje

ps how coincidental: without having agreed it all three of us arrived this morning in black at the office, so really black friday here on Black Friday!


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