Business Babes & WOMAN

It's Friday again and I'm writing my blog again. Every week at this moment I change my mind, what does such a week fly by and what have I actually experienced in the past few days? This week was entirely devoted to business babes with the top notch in VROUW Magazine.

On Tuesday the girls from the PR agency with whom we collaborate visited So-PR at our office to evaluate the past summer season, to go through the current winter season and to prepare summer plans for 2019. In fashion we always work at least half a year in advance. That is sometimes very confusing. Because while it is still a bit summers hot outside today, the winter collection is in all the nice shops and stores order a lot of winter bags, but we also receive customers here who place orders for summer 2019 and it is October ?

This week we were able to add a new point of sale to our list, namely the LOFT store in Hilvarenbeek. Nice. They have made a start with our collection. Exciting.

Yesterday afternoon I first gave a presentation in Haarlem to the new "students" of the ZEAL training program. I also attended this training as an entrepreneur myself and I really enjoyed the modules that are taught there. They had asked me to tell something about the effects of the training on my company. And then quickly in the car to the South to give a presentation to 80 business ladies during a dinner. I told how I started this adventure and what setbacks but also what highlights I encountered "on the way". The reactions were really nice. Hopefully I was able to inspire the ladies with my big bag adventure.

And this week the VROUW autumn book also appeared as a topper with a very nice piece about the handy large shoppers of All-time Favorites. So I can go back to the weekend with a good feeling. On Sunday I walk the annual 10K single run in Utrecht with my girlfriends. Hopefully I can still walk on Monday :-)

Have a great weekend everyone. Love, Brechje


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