Bye bye 2018 - hi, hi, 2019!

Today it is 28 December and 2019 is really coming up. Only 4 nights and then it's just 2019. I know what a cliché it is, but what time FLIES. 1 January 2015 kept my agency from having started in 2006 and started my new adventure: setting up my own big bag brand All-time Favorites.

That means that ATF as a bag brand is already 4 years old! And a lot has happened. On 1 January 2015, when I had to start from scratch, my friend temporarily offered me a desk in his showroom. And look where we are now! This year we have opened a beautiful showroom / office where everything is ATF pink. We not only have a wonderful workplace, but it is also a cozy showroom for the collection where retailers are welcome to place their orders. Now that we are at the end of the year and we can look back on 2018, this is 1 of my highlights.

But there was more this year. The longer I have ATF, the better I sense what works and what doesn't. This does not mean that I know everything, far from even. But I get a bit better by what you like. And what not. I have listed for a moment what the two stunners were this year and what the two "downers" were:

+ you are (not all) just magpies: you like everything that is bling bling! Even if I think it might be a bit over the top, it actually catches on. Sequins did very well this year. Especially the camouflage bling bling shopper!

+ you remain a big fan of the animal prints! Now it is of course really the trend, but you bought the leopard print, python print and zebra print en masse. I once started with the python bag in 2010: I have been selling this print non-stop for 8 years! Later on leopard was added, I think there is now such an 6 year and the zebra is now printing an 4 year: staying within our collection BESTSELLERS! ATF = Animal print. And then I immediately come to the towels in animal print. I just wanted to test it ... and all the leopard towels were gone in June. The production takes more than 90 days, so I could not reorder them quickly. Fortunately, they will be in the collection again this summer. But also in python and zebra the towels were really a blast this year!

But sometimes I'm wrong too:

- The MAN bag. I thought a large bag for men could become just as popular as a large bag for women. But I thought about it too easily. Not every woman buys the MAN bag for her husband (unfortunately). And of course there are few men in our webshop. I hadn't thought about it properly. Now a year after the launch of the ATF MAN BAG, I have to conclude that if I ever want to make a bag for men again, I should not sell it through the woman, but that I should address the man directly in men's environment. And so not in a women's web shop ... almost all of them are sold out. And then I will leave the MAN bag for what it is for now.

- The ATF scarf. I thought it was such a nice idea. A beautiful silk-look scarf, with a nice print on it, that you could tie nicely in your hair, but especially nice on your bag. I saw it as THE eye catcher for your bag. Unfortunately until now I am a bit on my own with regard to this trend. Sometimes I'm too early. And the funny thing is, this scarf also comes in bright pink in the new summer collection. Hopefully you will pick it up.

2018 was really a wonderful year. I am very happy & proud and together with Eline, Layla and the brand new Jorien, I am ready to provide you with the nicest big bags in 2019 and we will make your busy on-the-go life a lot nicer, easier more convenient. Thank you for your enthusiasm for ATF and I wish you all a happy & healthy 2019! CHEERS!

Love, Brechje


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