Doesn't that make you happy?

Yes, it's Friday again, so it's time for my weekly blog! Often you fall into a small black hole after a holiday if you have to get back to work, have to go to bed on time and drink a little less wine. But nothing was less true this week. I went from one feel good moment to the other! Are you reading again?

On Monday morning the alarm went off early, I didn't have to set it once in Portugal the week before. And when the rain came pouring out of the sky on Monday morning, it was not exactly a feel-good moment. But the rest of the week was busy but great.

It is really very busy right now. Layla and Amber are busy all day to put All-time Favorites online in the spotlight, answer questions from new ATF users and keep the site up to date. Have you seen the new landing page, for example, with which Layla has been busy? Doesn't that make you happy? It made me very happy when she presented it to me this week.

In the meantime I am very busy with the completion of the new winter collection 2018. All orders have arrived this week from the distributors and I am adding them all up. Unfortunately I don't have an automated system for that yet, so I have to do it manually. This collection is really nice and even though it is really getting summer in the Netherlands, I can really look forward to the moment that we will deliver this collection to all stores and that it will be online. That will be the end of August / beginning of September. (think of fake fur for example, too nice right?)

But I'm the busiest now with the new summer 2019 collection. After a vacation I am really full of new ideas and I can't be stopped. Dominique (what would I do without him!) Translates my ideas into a beautiful design, which I then send to my producer. Everything seems to fall into place and that really gives me a boost.

On Tuesday we again posted an awesome giveaway on Facebook, especially for Mother's Day. I had seen illustrator Kim somewhere online and I asked her if she wanted to copy a picture of my mom with me. And that we would use it as an example for our action; which photo of you and your mother would you like to win an illustration of 250 €? And there have been such nice responses. I can really be very happy about that. We will announce the winner on Tuesday! Are you already participating?

And other feel-good moments this week were:

  • The orange orchard in Portugal last Sunday
  • This crazy photo that we received from Bali from the jacquard shopper
  • This crazy photo of André Hazes that Monique posted on Instagram yesterday with our leopard shopper
  • My new Nikes that match perfectly with my turquoise shopper :-) and the wonderful weather!

Enjoy the wonderfully warm weekend! Love, Brechje


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