Summer has begun!

Finally it's really time; summer has begun. I think the best season of the year is. Now we can enjoy 3 for months. Unfortunately it is only the astronomical summer that started yesterday, because it is not a summer outside!

But next week it will get better and the temperatures will really go up. The summer vacations are also slowly gaining insight. Another week or 2 and then a large part of the Netherlands will already be on holiday again. And then the question immediately arises; are you ready for it yet?

Have you already purchased that wonderful multi-functional vacation bag that you can use as hand luggage, but also as a beach bag? Do you also have a nice light-weight beach towel that matches your nice shopper (we have 6 variants)? Do you already have a handy little bag for your sunscreen or wallet?

No? Then I can tell you that we are ready for you! Last week two more containers arrived at the port of Rotterdam with new supplies, so we are ready to provide everyone with the best holiday essentials! We have enough animal shoppers, jacquard shoppers and the tie-dye shoppers have been replenished. Also those uber handy cross body bags are back in stock, which are ideal when you travel.

Of course I just had a nice holiday and fully charged for the most important season for All-time Favorites; the summer. Then we are simply the busiest. But more crowds are coming; we are moving to a new, larger office this summer (which we have not yet found, so tips are welcome!) and we will also be hiring new staff. So plenty to do this summer. I will say PROOST this summer and hope that you and ATF will enjoy it very much AND .. don't forget to send us your ATF MOMENT right? Like these wonderful photos we received this week from Ibiza and Formentera!

Love, Brechje


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