Don't think black and white ... or do you?

Nice that you are here again and reading my weekly blog. My name is Brechje Gondrie and I am the founder of All-time Favorites. Today I want to talk to you about black and white thinking. Something that is often seen as negative. "don't think so black and white". If someone is certainly coming out of the corner.

But thinking in black and white at All-time Favorites is nothing but positive. Indeed, we think often has black / white! That is because of our delicious zebra print! This is the example of the positive version of black and white thinking.

And the nice thing about this one zebra print, is that it is so easy to combine. And because of the white, the bag also has something fresh, something summery! The zebra print is a permanent feature in our collection and is part of our BIG 5 collection: python, leopard, zebra, camouflage and black croco.

This week I had the small shopper in zebra print a lot with me. I like to combine these with jeans and black. And the size of the small shopper is really ideal for daily use for me. Every day my handbag goes in, some groceries, often sportswear for after work and a cardigan. Of course this format can also be used as , shopping bag or hand luggage. That's the nice thing about our shoppers: nobody tells you how to use it! You decide that for yourself. However, you always know that you have everything with you and that you are super nice with it.

And do you know what is fun too? Only this week is it zebra cross-body bag back online and reduced from € 39,95 to € 29,95! Ideal for King's Day next week or if you enjoy a May holiday, for your passport, wallet and telephone! Out = out!

Enjoy the sunny Easter weekend!

Love, Brechje

Small shopper zebra


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