And so ATF also contributes a shoe uh stone!

Every Friday, with this blog, I take you along in my big dream of making All-time Favorites the largest Big Bag brand in the world. With of course the first step to realize this in the Netherlands. Running your own brand also includes an office, and as I have recently announced, we are moving 15 Aug to a new place and moving = cleaning up!

And so I came across those nice shoes that we had in our collection from 2015 to 2017. The huarache sandals. I was (and still am) crazy about these traditional Mexican shoes. The first ones I had made were pink, black and white. In the colors of our logo. After the success of these three, I added some colors.

But last year I decided, among other things, with my coach to really focus on bags as a brand, we put these shoes on fat in the sale and I said goodbye to these sweets. Unfortunately, of course, I was left with random sizes and colors. So I recently counted more than 200 pair in our store. And I didn't know what to do with this.

Throwing away is of course not an option, but what is? Amber and Layla suggested a good cause. So then I started thinking. Who in the world is waiting for shoes? Which women where in the world can we enjoy this? Is there a local charity here in Amsterdam? And so I ran into Johnny's Mol's Movement on the Ground (MOTG). MOTG helps refugees who arrive in Greece, on Lesvos (in Dutch this island is called Lesbos) to be precise. They have built a "community center" where refugees can look for distractions, children can play, a film is played every Saturday and where women can come together. And they do so that the situation there becomes a bit more bearable for all those people.

I contacted them and asked if we could give these shoes to the female refugees. And they were immediately enthusiastic. Unfortunately I could not speak to Johnny myself, it would have been nice, but other volunteers at MOTG. And so I received a very enthusiastic email this week; the shoes had arrived in Lesvos and the ladies and girls were really happy with it. They took some photos there on the spot, but nobody wanted to understand the photo.

And we all know how happy a woman becomes from shoes, right? So I am twice happy now: a tidy storage space AND more than 200 women on Lesvos who have been cheered up a bit!

Have a great weekend, love Brechje


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