Nice things are coming!

It's great that you can read my weekly blog again and thus stay up to date with everything that is going on around my brand All-time Favorites. This week I have all the nice things to tell that are coming; in the very short term, but also in a few months. Let me start with what I like best; I'm going to make a "Quinty / ATF Bag" together with Quinty Trustfull. As you may already know, she is a big ATF fan. She uses her ATF shoppers (she has 7!) Almost every day. And even better, she also places nice photos of herself with these bags on her Instagram account. So sweet.

Quinty is of course a beautiful woman, but is also very sweet! She is an independent woman who radiates female power, she loves adventure, she connects and is super approachable. All values ​​and qualities that we as ATF also want to stand for: stylish, adventure, female power, community and no-nonsense. So if you add Quinty as a fan at Quinty as the perfect ambassador for ATF, you'll soon end up in a collaboration.

When I just started with ATF, I once did 3 qualitative studies among the target group. Then I invited users and non-users (ladies who already knew ATF and had an ATF bag and ladies who didn't know ATF) to think about ATF. A question we also asked was: which Dutch person do you associate with ATF. And there the name Quinty fell non-stop. Precisely because they found Quinty stylish, independent / female power, adventurous and ... the magic word: approachable / accessible. And when I met Quinty in March 2017, I told her this. And she was proud that people look at her in this way.

After that time we kept in regular contact and last summer we started making the first plans while enjoying a nice coffee. Then she visited the showroom in October to choose colors, samples, etc. And in December the first proto (= sample, first example) was ready. And last week we put the final touches on the i. SO EXCITING and especially SO FUN! I don't want to say too much about it yet, except that this Quinty Bag will be the perfect MOTHER'S DAY gift! (12 in May).

Now something nice in the short term: next Monday the Four Final Favorites: 4 days sale will start in the webshop on selected items with a whopping 50% discount. With really small prices from 14,95 € (super nice gifts!) But also, for example, the very last MAN bags (nice for Valentine?) And the very last winter items with a 50% discount. Set your alarm for Monday at 10: 00 hour.

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Brechje


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