Friends of the Brands

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the big bag brand in the Netherlands. This week was really super busy, but fortunately packed with fun things!

Monday was immediately busy! Because after the launch of the new handmade collection last weekend, Amber and I had our hands full with orders and emails with questions about the bags, but we were especially busy with the preparations for the highlight of this week: The White Dinner of Friends of the Brands at the Krasnapolsky hotel.

Friends of the brands is a company that organizes events where brands (brands) are brought into contact with influencers, TV personalities and Dutch celebrities (friends). The design is always great! This time they had chosen the Krasnapolsky Hotel as their location and rented a beautiful room for The White Dinner. All "friends" were dressed in white and we had to come in white ourselves. There was a beautifully set long table in the room. And around this long table were 7 large round tables. Because that night there were 7 brands. Each brand had its own round table with 10 chairs. During the evening, in 7 shifts, approximately 10 ladies / girls will sit at your table and you will have the chance to present your brand and tell everything you want to tell 15 minutes.

Now my story about All-time Favorites is not that long. And 15 minutes is really very long! So we started thinking about how we could fill those 15 minutes in a fun way. Last year when we participated we had done a quiz. And because this edition of 50 girls came that we didn't know yet, we decided to take the quiz with these girls again. But with new questions. All questions have an A or B choice option. And on 2 signs, mini ATF bags, there is an A or a B and the girls have to hold that sign up.

That was again a success. Amber and I had made up all kinds of fun questions. And the winner received a gift from us. What they didn't know was that everyone would eventually receive that gift, so that resulted in great competition! But there were also 20 girls that we had already met in the previous edition.

Well .. then you can't do that quiz again. But what can you do then? We decided to make a quartet. We have so many photos that we could easily turn them into a nice quartet. Also from the Dutch people themselves. For example, we had a special Quinty quartet. (which she did not know beforehand!). Thus it was in the first round that Victoria Koblenko asked Do "can I from the Quinty - Quinty category on Mallorca?". That was of course laughter! And so we easily filled those 15 minutes.

The evening flew by! I was home at 1: 30 that night and I already had my first appointment with my business coach Ole on Wednesday morning at 9 and was able to get back in the car immediately, on my way to the Miss Nederland organization to get the new Miss Nederland 2018 ATF bag to discuss. So a busy program. Also today I had a visit from my producer from the Far East to prepare again for the new summer 2019 collection and I had a nice appointment at Pick Amsterdam to see if we can do something together!

And now it's finally weekend! I am really looking forward to this long Easter weekend that is all about food & family! Sunday with my family in Brabant and Monday with my in-laws. Fancy! Enjoy the long weekend all!

Love, Brechje


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