Are you going on an adventure?

Thank you for reading my weekly blog about my BIG BAG adventure that started in 2015. It is already the fourth summer collection that is now in stores and online and we are still growing every day! This week two new outlets have been added and ... hopefully a new team member will be added soon!

Because we're hiring! We are in the short term looking for a Customer Service Talent that goes on an adventure with me and my team to become the largest Big Tote brand in the Netherlands. Now that we are becoming more known, we are receiving more and more visitors in our webshop and we are becoming visible in more and more stores in the Netherlands, the number of people with questions is also growing.

When I was just starting out with All-time Favorites, people mostly called when someone wanted to know something. But in recent years so many mediums have come up with which you can get in touch with ATF: you can respond to a Facebook post and ask a question there, you can send a message to the Facebook Inbox and this also applies to Instagram. Add to that on Whatsapp, Outlook / email and therefore the telephone and then you will understand that we are looking for a talent for this!

A cheerfully cheerful person who considers service of paramount importance. Who can speak to the customers neatly, can empathize with the customer and very important: the Dutch language is perfectly mastered. And if you don't know much about bags yet, you will get a crash course from me, so that terms such as cross body bag and clutch become completely your own. It is a full time (40 hour) course that will be available from September 1. And because we, as a feel-good brand, stand for adventure / going out and always want to innovate, as an ATF team member you must also be cheerful, an approacher and creative.

And so I slowly build a team around me and that is of course super cool! And I'm proud of that too, although it also requires a lot of new skills and I still have to learn to manage every day. Now after 4 years I only really know what is involved in building my own brand. Anyway, everything step by step. And hopefully I will find a nice new colleague soon!

Do you know or are you my new colleague? Click here for the vacancy and mail your letter of application and CV to

Have a great weekend, love Brechje


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