Just keep smiling

Also this week I will tell you in my blog what my week looked like and what will come my way while building my own Big Bag Brand All-time Favorites. This week I have had to make many decisions that I am really tired of it! Do you read along?

We are really growing as a brand and that is of course great. I am very happy and proud that more and more nice ladies find their way to our website or find us in the best shops in the Netherlands. But growth also entails 'difficulties'.

At this moment we have stock available at 3 places. And all three of these places don't "communicate" with each other. In previous years that was no problem. But now it is. At Schiphol, orders are packed for the stores. And there is also the "main stock" nearby. Then there is another place where the webshop orders are packed. And as the main responsible person, I am gradually losing my overview. Then I think we have enough python shoppers in stock, they suddenly turn out for example. And no overview = very tiring. In other words: we have to do everything under 1 roof. That was the easiest decision in this entire process.

But where then? And who will be our partner? Amber had requested some quotes for me. I have quite a few qualities, but the patience to go through all those quotes is certainly not 1. I also had contact with companies that offer the most automated services on their website, but if you want to do business or receive a quote, do you first have to fill in a Word document and scan back? Then I will drop out anyway. I put it in front of me, but yes, they say "great things never came from comfort zones" for nothing. So I visited all kinds of potential partners, got guided tours through large pick & pack halls and had to compare all the pros and cons.

Eventually I found a party in Heinenoord; eWarehousing! I find that quite exciting, it demands a lot from me, I notice, that I will completely relinquish it. Anyway, I have no choice. It just can't be the way we do it anymore. Soon I will be able to log into their system anywhere in the world and see how much stock there is! And if a certain item then falls below a certain stock limit, I receive a signal that I have to re-order at the factory. How nice is that? They really reassured me there! HAPPY!

But automating everything entails something nice; barcodes. Our articles are not provided with bar codes. And that must change. The world of barcodes is also a world in which I would rather not be. Figuring out how this all works is really very, let me express myself gently, annoying. You can't just randomly stick codes on your items and now I'm figuring out which code we choose for the big shopper zebra for example. Buh. I spent the whole week working on excell sheets, bar codes and all sorts of other things that have absolutely nothing to do with bags.

I have to go through this. I know. And soon I'm happy (and especially Layla and Amber) that we all did well in 1x. And that we can focus on what we are good at: bringing great big bags onto the market! In the meantime I just keep smiling and this is made easy by the great weather, being able to BBQ on our roof terrace, the concert where I will go with my father tonight AND the great photos that I get from you almost daily!

Nice weekend! Love, Brechje


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