Greetings from Mexico!

Mexico, Mexi-iiiico - Oh land of all my dreams, with your guitar music you brought romance, for him and me. Mexico, Mexi-iiiiiiiico, I will always live there, you are worth everything to me, a paradise on earth, yes you are! Do you still know this song from Singer Without Name? That's how I feel at the moment! Because I am in Mexico with my love and I write my weekly blog today with the sun on my face. Delicious. Of course I am here mainly to relax and to recover from the busy year. But I also have the new summer collection with me. Not everything, because that didn't fit in my suitcase. And I am already taking some nice photos for Facebook, Instagram and the website. While the Christmas rush is now in full swing and the weather is dirty and cold outside, I hereby give you some delicious summer sneak previews of the new shoppers so that you can dream away.

I don't want to show too much, because then the surprise will be gone in February! From Mexico-Tulum, I wish you a wonderful Christmas. Go enjoy it. If you also like to fly to the sun; don't forget your ATF shopper!

Next week I will look back on 2018 and tell you my highlights of the past year.

Greetings from Mexico - love Brechje


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