Hand luggage, what about it?

Every Friday I write my blog to keep you informed and to keep track of everything I am doing in my adventure to set up my own big bag brand All-time Favorites (ATF).

It is vacation time and we notice that very well; we receive so many emails and phone calls from ladies / girls who wanted to buy an ATF bag. Now, of course, we are always very happy that these people present themselves with questions and that they want to buy a bag, very nice indeed, but they all called 1 and the same question: can an ATF shopper be taken on board as hand luggage on an airplane?

Since I have had the very first ATF bag produced, I have been using it as hand luggage. So if you ask me that question if he can come, I say yes. And I have taken it on board so many times that I almost dare to guarantee that this bag can go along yes. But yes with a few comments. I believe that hand luggage should not be heavier than 10KG. So make sure you take no more than 10KG. And check with your airline for the rules regarding this weight. Because the shape and material of the ATF shoppers is soft & flexible, this bag fits ALWAYS or in the luggage compartment above your head and if there is no space, simply under your seat. Because you can just put it in something.

Last week I flew myself with my STAR shopper with Transavia to Faro. At the check-in counter the lady asked me if I would like to put the bag on the belt to weigh it. It weighed 9 kg, so no problem. But, that was the first time they had asked me this in all those years, she also asked me if I wanted to put the shopper in that iron thing. I do not know what such a thing is called, it is a kind of iron rack or bracket and it has the shape of a briefcase. And they normally ask you if you want to put your briefcase in such a bracket to check if your briefcase is small enough. So I just stuff my bag in that square iron thing and yes it fits naturally. So all the lights turn green. (does anyone know the name of this thing by the way?)

The summer still has to start officially and therefore also the big travel / summer holiday season. So if you want to use an ATF shopper as hand luggage, then that's no problem at all. So make sure that you do not overfill it and do not make it too heavy. And then I guarantee your 1 thing: you will travel in style! See also the proof below! Not only from me, but also other stylish ATF users!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love, Brechje

Large shopper python as hand luggage

Hand luggage

Hand luggage

hand luggage


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