Hand luggage - what about it?

In this period of the year the most frequently asked question to our customer service is: "may the shoppers from ATF on board as hand luggage "? And that answer is YES and I would like to explain why!

Most airlines state a size of what is permitted with them as hand luggage. If you place these dimensions in addition to, for example, the size of a shopper, you might doubt.

But you don't have to. Our large shoppers are soft and flexible. And therefore easy to put in the trays above your head. If there is no more room, a shopper always fits under your seat between your legs. This in contrast to the (hard) cases. You cannot put this under your seat or between your legs. And that is why the rules regarding roll cases are very strict. If you take a too large suitcase on board, it will be taken to the gate and still loaded into the cargo hold.

There is also such an iron square bracket at the check-in desks, where you can put your briefcase in to check whether your suitcase is not too large. But if someone at the check-in counter asks you to put your shopper in that bracket (not that they will ever ask) then it will always fit, because you just stuff it in!

You must always pay attention to the weight. You can take a maximum of 10 kg with most airlines, so make sure you don't go over it. We also advise not to overfill it. Especially now that the high season is coming and almost everyone is traveling with hand luggage and the bins are almost always packed, it is nice if you can put the bag between your legs and also have some room for your legs :-).

The good thing about ours large shoppers (with zipper!) is that you use it as hand luggage on your way to your destination. And once you get there, use the same shopper as . Ideal right? And also in the rest of Europe you no longer get free plastic bags in the supermarkets, so you also use the same ATF shopper for groceries. Ideal, especially now that you can make shoppers smaller with the snap fasteners at the ends of the zippers.

Every year we get so many photos from traveling fans. So here is the living proof of how handy our shoppers are as hand luggage! Do you also send us a photo this summer and would you like to tell us in a comment at the bottom of this blog how you like to travel with an ATF shopper? Thanks!

Have a great weekend, love Brechje

Large shopper zebra hand luggage

Large shopper black hand luggage

Large shopper camouflage hand luggage

Large shopper leopard hand luggage

Large shopper python hand luggage

Large shopper camouflage hand luggage

Great shopper zebra

Large shoppers hand luggage

Large shopper sequins hand luggage

Large shopper hand luggage

Large shopper leopard hand luggage

Large shopper disco pink hand luggage

Small shopper tweed hand luggage


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