Happy Newyear!

Happy new year everybody! Hopefully you have had a great New Year's Eve in whatever form; popping, dancing or chilling at home on the couch. I had a very quiet but very pleasant evening with a lot of good food. After the holidays, Christmas and New Year's Eve it is now back to normal. Which means less drink, candy, greasiness, taking up sports again and ..... back to work! We are ready for it again. And especially ready for the summer, which starts at the end of February at ATF; the moment that the new summer collection comes on the website and from that time (hopefully earlier) only summer photos! I am so done with the winter and the winter look & feel of the site and our social media. Come on by!

But that will take a while. And meanwhile we are working hard on the new site, new collection and new collaborations. Wondering who I mean when I say WE? Measure TEAM ATF:

Eline, our customer service talent:

  • Guilty pleasure: white chocolate and bonbons
  • Always to poke for: having a nice drink
  • Stopword: say ...
  • Recognizable by: always wearing a scarf
  • Monday morning drink: winter Glow tea
  • Friday afternoon drink: all types of wine


Layla, our marketing talent:

  • Guilty pleasure: singing along with full breasts including Whitney, Mariah and Tamia
  • Always prodding for: Japanese windows (noodles)
  • Stopword: omg
  • Recognizable by: small peanut with oversized jacket - usually black
  • Monday morning drink: green tea
  • Friday afternoon drink: white wine; Sauvignon Blanc


Jorien, our commercial talent:

  • Guilty pleasure: designer shoes with a high heel
  • Always to poke for: an evening of dancing!
  • Stopword: Top!
  • Recognizable by: Large bunch of curls
  • Monday morning drink: Double coffee wrong with oat milk.
  • Friday afternoon drink: Margarita


Brechje, our creative talent:

  • Guilty pleasure: sweet candy
  • Always prodding for: eating out
  • Stopword: yes daahaag (if I don't agree with something)
  • Recognizable by: skinny jeans and heels
  • Monday morning drink: coffee, black
  • Friday afternoon drink: glass of white wine, preferably Belondrade

Breach Heels

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Love, Brechje


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