Autumn = just nice with the feet up

And then suddenly it is really fall. Without a jacket I can't go outside anymore and this week I was wearing a knitted sweater for the first time. It's been dark all day during the day when you look outside. You are just not deprived of it. That's why I thought it would be nice to let me pamper myself a bit with Layla and Eline this week!

Delicious with the feet up, glass of bubbles, sushi and a fantastic pedicure. The summer nail polish went off and has been replaced by beautiful warm winter colors. We can take it again. Occasionally you need to give yourself a little pamper yet?

My week here at the office was another full one! The new winter 2019 collection has been completed and the first prototypes are currently being made. I hope that they will arrive here in the course of November for the first "check" and to see if what I have in mind is actually so much fun. Also this week a container has arrived in Rotterdam with a new stock of animal prints, because they are going SO fast; large and small shoppers python, zebra and leopard. But also the first Sinterklaas and Christmas gifts that will all come online soon. Stay tuned!

This weekend the clock is being set and that means that the summer is really over and the cocoon season is starting. We already talked about this week on Facebook, that this is the time when the cool glasses of white wine are exchanged for red wine, cheeses, a hair on and a warm blanket on the couch. This time of the year also has something right? And with this winter feeling I came up with this little shopper fake fur (which Quinty also walked with this week!) Which, in my opinion, fits in perfectly with this winter feeling. It is so nice and soft! I have tested 10 different fake fur fabrics. Only when I had it in my hands did I think: YES, this fabric is perfect for our shopper! What do you think of this cozy, warm and soft shopper?

Enjoy this extra hour of sleep this weekend. Delicious!

Love, Brechje


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