The most important thing is inside!

Yes, only 5 days and then we move to our new showroom or new office. In recent weeks I have been on the road to buy the nicest furniture, cupboards and chairs so that we can turn it into a pleasant and pleasant workplace, with the red thread as the pink color. Everything will be delivered on Wednesday, but the most important thing is already there.

The pink Smeg fridge! I've been dreaming of this fridge for years. Yes, in the color pink and no, it would never enter my house because my hubby would not appreciate it. So when I signed for this new showroom, which does not have a kitchen with a built-in fridge, I immediately knew: this is my chance! This week it was already delivered and it is now waiting for us alone in that large room. Next week we can fill it with delicious wine and bubbles! I can not wait.

Furthermore, this week another nice week behind us. It was my birthday last week and had been away for a weekend with my love to Barcelona and my big shopper tie dye kaki, which I had with me as hand luggage. We receive emails almost daily from people who wonder if the bag is allowed on board. Yes that is allowed! Since I started All-time Favorites I never travel with these bags again. They are so handy to travel with: they always fit between two cases at the top of the bin. And when there is no more room, I put it between my legs on the floor with the same ease, because that is also allowed. If you also want more information, read this old blog from summer 2017.

A lot of people are on vacation at the moment and that results in a lot of nice holiday pictures. We try to put all the photos that we get on Instagram Stories, so keep an eye on it, who knows, maybe yours will come by. This week Anouk Smulders posted a super beautiful photo of the silver neoprene shopper during her vacation. Our python shopper also had her TV debut this week! I received a photo from my former colleague Manon who saw Patty Brard with her husband and Dave Roelvink on TV with the python shopper and also really well in the picture! Too funny.

No blog from me next week, then an ATFriend will be speaking again and on Friday 24 August I can show you our new place! Stay tuned!

Love, Brechje


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