The festival season has begun!

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! Summer has really begun and these warm temperatures are coming at exactly the right time! Because of this we were able to keep Amber outside of our farewell dinner this week and I had my semi-annual retreat with my business coach outside in the sun.

It's really SO nice that we no longer have to worry about packing your orders, with the transition to this warm weather it is even busier in the webshop and the transition to an external party is therefore perfectly timed. And now we can all deliver your favorite ATF bag as quickly as possible!

Amber has completed her internship this week and she has received an 7,5 for her research, very clever. And of course we wanted to celebrate that. Fortunately she comes back a few weeks in the summer to help us with customer service. And by September 1 I hope to have found and adopted a new force that will take on customer service. Nowadays this is done via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, mail and telephone. The developments and changes are going so fast! The vacancy will be online next week and I will share it here. Who knows do you know anyone?

These warm temperatures are also very good for the festival season that has started. The entire city is full of festival announcements. And every magazine that you open is about festival outfits and which festival must-haves you should have this year. My colleagues Layla and Amber tell me so often which festival they will visit again. And I .... as far as festivals are concerned, I only take a picture of this festival bag haha! You? Are you a real festival goer?

I had to search a lot for a photo of my first festival in 2010, A Day at The Park. It was great fun, but after that I didn't go to another festival anymore. I prefer to have a drink on a terrace for a very long time, after which a drink ends in a dinner and dinner in a long summer evening! So even without festivals, our cross body bags (also known as festival bags) are ideal for this type of afternoon and evening! Lip gloss, wallet, keys, telephone and ready!

AND .... you get 10% discount on our small "cross body" bags this weekend! Whether it is a terrace or a festival, you can now score the ideal bag for both occasions! Use FESTIVAL when paying!

Nice is not it? Have a nice weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Love, Brechje


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