Everyone loves leopard!

Everybody loves leopard. Really. Never before have we sold as many leopard print items as this year. The leopard print is a true all-time favorite; he never leaves, sometimes it is a little hotter than the other year, but it never ends. You will no longer be Nel Veerkamp or Peggy Bundy if you walk with this print. No, leopard is really hot this year.

We have recently implemented a plug-in in the website with which we can very well keep track of what is sold the best. Which color, which size, etc. And that naturally provides very nice and especially useful information. So I was convinced that 100% python our number is 1. Whether large or small shoppers, toiletry bags or whatever. Perhaps also because it is my own all-time favorite. Kind of wishful thinking.

Well that was something completely different this week; this year the leopard print the python print of the first place. Really. The differences are not huge. But I was really surprised. Whether large shoppers, small shoppers, toilet bags or towels; in all these categories leopard is number 1.

And we also notice that when we enter into collaborations with Dutch celebrities and influencers. Whenever we let everyone choose for themselves, most people chose leopards. This is also the case this week. We had contact with Monique Westenberg "Hazes". Now she already has one large shopper leopard, which this and last summer frequently came by on her Instagram (incl matching towel). When I asked her which little shopper she wanted, she chose leopard. Again. So I said you already have one? Yes, but we often use that big one on vacation. For the weekday life I would like the small shopper leopard choose.

So we sent it. And that resulted in this nice happy photo this week. That no less (at the time I am typing this) 22300x is liked! How nice is that? But also our great "ambassador" Quinty Trustfull is a big fan of the big shopper leopard, Monique Smit, Beertje van Beers, Renée Vervoorn and Tiger Elise all posted a nice photo on their social media with our leopard print. Which of course first of all yields super good exposure and ... also the right publicity because they are all ladies who represent the busy on-the-go (mom) life and are also nice women.

Just like all of us right? Because I think ALL ATF users have a few things in common: we all lead a busy life, in which almost daily time is short, we want to get everything out of life AND we also want to enjoy it. BN'er or not ;-)

Enjoy the weekend and see you next week.

Love, Brechje


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