I'm not here for a while!

For the south of the Netherlands the autumn holiday started today and that means a lot for you; TO DO FUN THINGS! And even though I do not live in the south; I'm also going to do fun things this weekend; I'm going on a city trip to Florence with a friend. So I'm not here for a while!

Although staying home with this wonderful weather this weekend would not be wrong at all, having lunch on a square in the sun in Florence sounds more like music to my ears. The only things we have recorded are the lunches and dinners. The rest is completely open. Of course there will be shopping and I hope that I will return full of inspiration. Because next week I have to start developing the new winter 2019 collection that will be available online and in all stores from September 2019.

For the center and north of the Netherlands, the autumn holiday only starts next Friday. But that does not mean that nice plans cannot be made now! What will you do during the autumn holiday (if you have one)? Or what are your plans? Will it be a week in the sun? Or a weekend getaway? City trip? Or car vacation? Zoo? Want to visit nice markets? Nice cycling or is it going to be a week of odd jobs around the house?

I am very curious what you will do and which bag you will take with you. Will it be your bag that lasts? Or are you taking his MAN BAG this time? And of course I am most curious about the photos that you will be taking. For inspiration some pictures that we received earlier from ATFriends on adventure.

Enjoy your weekend when you are not on holiday and for the holiday makers: happy holidays!

Love, Brechje

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