I scream!

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the BIG BAG brand in the Netherlands. This week I am proud! So proud, I can scream!

Sometimes things turn out even better than you could have dreamed beforehand. Even better than you worked for it, even better than everyone thought. This week the new towels finally arrived and I really went crazy; they have become so cool!

As a bag woman, the world of towels is completely strange to me. Through a friend of my father and then another old colleague, I got a contact in Portugal. This Portuguese was the owner of a beautiful factory in Portugal near Porto. I told him about the nice idea of ​​having matching towels produced with the bags. And whether he could sample things for me (= sample) and make prototypes for me. With bags, that's easy does it; I ask the factory to make something and then they make 1 piece for me, exactly as I want.

The Portuguese immediately helped me out of my dream; no sampling is done when manufacturing towels. That is simply not possible. They cannot make 1 towel as a test. I didn't get it. Why not? He tried to explain it to me, but in vain. I just resigned myself then.

The first towels in the collection were so beautiful! I had python towels made of the most beautiful, thickest and most luxurious cotton. And they were so nice and soft. I bet even the towels in the most expensive hotels are not as nice as ours. We immediately ran into the following; 1 such a towel in your suitcase and your suitcase is immediately full, they are that thick. Oops. I hadn't thought about that. They were available in 3 colors; brown and pink were immediately on and off the blue one we have a few left.

Then I wanted to add another towel to the collection. I wanted to make a type of hammam towel, which is therefore lighter in weight, but which would also have a type of terry cloth at the back with which you can dry off properly. Sometimes you see hammam cloths that are as thin as dish cloths and that stay wet for so long. I didn't want that. The result was beautiful; in 2 colors there was the STAR towel. They can be perfectly washed and the quality remains top.

So when I started working on the new summer 2018 towels, it was clear to me; this summer they MUST be in our bestselling animal prints! But that of course was the way of most resistance. Because; when making a towel, they can weave yarn with only 2 colors. For the star towels that was no problem; the base was blue or green and the stars white. Simple.

But ours python print consists of super many different colors of beige, gray and black. And I think the leopard print shopper also consists of 10 different brown colors. How can I minimize this to just 2 colors so that they still match the bags ??? (for the zebra print it was of course very easy again; black & white!). It seemed almost impossible to do this. With my color chart I had to search for the 2 best matching colors. I was really nervous about it. The factory made a drawing of my choice, stuck the yarn with it. And that's it. We had to do it with that. Because no no, they couldn't make samples.

So with these mini posters we went to all the shopkeepers and on the basis of this we tried to convince them that they had to buy this for their store. when we had added up all orders from all retailers in Europe, I placed an order at the factory. And then it took another month or 3 before they were finished. We also suffered extra delays and so the wait was ...

Somewhere around Christmas they already sent us 1 leopard towel, because the production of the leopard towels was finished. I was completely upset about that, but when I also got the python and zebra versions in my hands this week, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops: IT HAPPENED AGAIN! YES! The quality is again beautiful, thin, but also soft and absorbent!

Nice gimmick; this time we have not placed the pink label on the top right, but on the bottom left, so that if you are lying on your towel on holiday and you want to take a picture of your view of your feet and the sea, for example, pink tag on the snapshot! Nice right? I await your first photos with this nice label!

What do you think of the towels? I love to hear it, love & good weekend!



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