It's all in the details!

Do you know how much nicer things become when they are correct as a whole, down to the details? A perfectly cooked egg on a Sunday morning, on a tasty toasted sandwich, a little pepper and salt. Already comes close to perfection, but ... when you add a little bit of mayonnaise, the story is really complete. A small tuft of mayonnaise then makes it complete. When compiling the very first collection of ATF, I was already looking for "the magic" for ATF, because really, it's all in the details! I think that if I now list the most important details of ATF for you, there will certainly be things that you think "Never know, but now that you say it, this makes ATF a bit more fun"!

1. The first detail I've been busy with in 2014 is the cap on the toilet and make-up bags. And if I have something in mind, I won't let go. At the time I had a denim shirt and it had those nice snaps of some sort of ivory and it contained a small text. So I asked my producer to look for the same button, with our pink logo in it. That of course took a while before it was found and produced. But take a look at your own toiletry bag or make-up bag; first of all how cute is that button? But most of all; how much nicer is it WITH that thing on it?

2. After that I didn't find the toilet and make-up bags yet. A little assuming that the user (you) would use this bag every day, I thought it would be a good idea to hang a lucky double on that zipper for your daily portion of happiness! Of course you can't just copy a dime, so the format of a quarter is chosen and the date 2006 is on it (at that time the euro already existed, so there would never be any confusion) the year that I officially became my own boss.

3. Meanwhile a few years later, my love on vacation said to me, that he found it annoying that he could not see 1 at a glance at the shoppers, where the zipper was located. Do you want to open that big bag, grab one point of the bag in the hope that the zipper is there, it is just on the other side. He had a point there. So I decided, of course in pink, to hang something on the zippers that is striking and told you at 1 where the zipper is and where you can open it. In technical jargon that thing is called a zipper "puller". Our new puller has our name on one side. And on the back, #ATF, but upside down, so that when the zipper moves back and forth you can always read our name well. Have you never noticed?

4. Then came the hammam / beach towels in the collection. And something that I didn't know, but what my Portuguese manufacturer told me, was that we had to supply a washing label ourselves. HOW? So I asked my all-rounder Dominique to design a label. And I have added something nice: if after a day at the beach or after a holiday you start doing nasty laundry and just look at the washing label of your ATF towel, you see the uplifting words from me to you: you're my all -time favorite. It won't make that laundry basket emptier, but hopefully it will make you happy.

5. The last little detail that was added last year is not from me but from my bag manufacturer himself; we had a meeting in Amsterdam together and he says, "those printers Brech, there are 3 on a shopper, isn't that much nicer if it says All-time Favorites?" ... well now that you say it, I thought. So no more blank metal printers, but nice cozy printers with ATF on it. Does it just finish anyway?

Now I am wondering which of you have ever noticed these "twigs" in the collection? If you have not noticed them yet, I hope that they have put a little smile on your face with retroactive effect!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your Sunday egg!

Love, Brechje


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