Yes we have something new again!

The best thing about having my own brand for me is coming up with and developing new things for All-time Favorites. I am full of ideas. Fortunately, nowadays I can focus better and I know what to park as a brain principle or idea and what I really have to develop and develop.

You see it more often nowadays. Shawls that are tied to bags, or nicely worn in hair as a hair band or tied around the neck. I think that is a super nice style. It is a bit of a French style. Officially, the idea also comes from the luxury French brand Hermès. They already brought the most beautiful silk scarves to the market in 1937, often with super beautiful designs. Such a scarf from Hermes can easily cost € 400. And that is only for few people.

On the contrary, I enjoy making fashion accessible. So ... what did I do? I asked my designer Dominique to make a design for an All-time Favorites scarf. I knew what I wanted, also the colors and what should be on it. And the great thing about working together for so long: he always understands exactly what I mean. We only had to fine tune the colors.

The scarf consists of 6 colors. The basis is the color black. That seemed the best for winter and also the most portable. Then we opted for the color white for the lines and for some small details. But I also wanted some color, otherwise it would become so gloomy; purple for the inner surface and petrol blue for the pump in the logo. But then we were both still not completely satisfied. The addition of dark green and brown also made it a bit chic. And he was completely finished!

But then it was only on paper. The next step was to find a manufacturer. That turned out to be more difficult because the bag manufacturer couldn't do it. The producer of the towels could not help me any further. After a lot of research I succeeded! And here the result!

I am very curious what you think and ... it does not cost € 400, but the nice soft price of € 19,95 -> ATF SCARF

Nice weekend!

Love, Brechje

ps Quinty is already a fan and sent us this photo from her vacation in Miami. Hopefully you will also send a photo of the scarf in use soon!


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