You can use some color!

Do you have that too? Little bags, gray skin, what pale when wearing a beige sweater? Are you still tired after a farmer's night? It will be the time of year, a lack of vitamin D, the cold and the dirty weather? And when someone also said to me this week; Brech, you can use some color was the size full!

I just wanted to wait a while before launching our new color blocking limited edition shoppers. I thought it would be nice to combine this with the first spring sunshine. Or at the end of March when spring officially starts. But I had no choice. It had to be this week!

Because not only can I use a color. I think you'll all see a little bit of pips at the end of the winter. Color on your face, I can't take care of that, but color in your life, we can arrange that at All-time Favorites. And that is why I proudly present to you: our PVC / vinyl / transparent / see-through bags in PINK, GREEN and TRANSPARENT!

When asked on Facebook what color you would like these bags to be in the collection, green and pink were the most frequently mentioned. So with that information I went to the factory. And I have chosen the pinkest pink and the brightest green and have this collection made of it. I am very enthusiastic about it myself and I hope you do too.

And what a coincidence; this week i bought cozy tulips for the house. They were on sale at the AH, but were still completely in control. A bit of a surprise what color would come out and what do you think ... green and pink! And even more coincidence this week; Louis Vuitton also showed their new vinyl shoppers during fashion week and can you 3x guess which colors they used ?!

Enjoy your weekend and if you can use some color, click here for this new colorful collection! Don't wait too long, because they are made in a limited edition, so gone = gone!

Love, Brechje


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