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Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the big bag brand in the Netherlands. This week you will give a small glimpse into the new summer collection! Only 2 weeks, YES!

Yes, because then part of the new collection will be in all stores and in the webshop! Yes, unfortunately only a part, because this time too things are going differently than planned. The machines in Portugal, on which the hammam cloths are woven, have crashed. For ATF, a one-month delay is a big disappointment, but not the end of the world. (believe me: if such a message reaches me it's just the end of the world and I can't think normally anymore).

So those will come later, those super nice towels in zebra, leopard and python. And another part of the new collection is later, namely the handmade collection. A super beautiful new luxury line in the collection of ATF. This consists of 3 bags with matching toiletry bags and are slightly more expensive than the rest of the collection. But SO VERY BEAUTIFUL! I'll show you something about this next week.

But now all the fun is on time! The largest part of the collection namely. In the animal print collection, we will also add the little shopper in zebra and leopard this summer and there will be a nice little "cross body" festival bag in all three prints. Last year's topper, the python turquoise shopper comes on request, also in size L. The blue and white striped bag, from summer 2015, is coming back, but now in size S.

But now the really new items: there will be a great line with "swinging" sequins; in silver with gold and black with silver. Super cool. there is also a new material that is called change-change: that is a material that changes color when you move it, in green and pink. I combined that with colored handles, really cool! Then we have a new star print in two colors; ink blue and washed gray and there will be super cheerful plamprints, wicker basket prints and lobster prints! As a treat also the skuba collection, the surf suit material in gold and silver and as a topper also a new burlap / python combination! It will happen on Friday 16 February. I can not wait.

And we photographed all these new items in Barcelona last week. Together with top photographer Bobby and set-creative Dominique. It was like summer in Barcelona, ​​so we were able to shoot really beautiful images. I will show you a little bit below to make you feel good.

And so our new colleague Amber, who is about to start working for us next week, also made us feel good at the office this week. She is still on Curaçao and is testing her first ATF bag there and sent this photo! Let that summer come!

Nice weekend! Love, Brechje


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