Meet ATFriend Annemiek!

A few weeks ago I suddenly saw her name again in the webshop: Annemiek! A fan of the very first hour. After she had bought some ATF shoppers and other items in recent years, it had become a bit quiet. Until she recently reappeared and then I immediately emailed her because I was so pleased to see her again and asked her if she would like to participate in the monthly section "Ask 8 to an ATFriend". She said YES!

1.What was your first item from ATF? And why did you buy that one?

The large python shopper in 2016. I saw a leopard shopper on a beach in Ibiza and was instantly in love. I searched the brand online and ended up at ATF. In the end I found the leopard print a bit too intense for myself and opted for the python. The start of an entire ATF collection!

2.What do you use your ATF shopper (s) for the most?

I use it almost daily for groceries and to the office with an extra cardigan and my food in it. Furthermore, it is of course the ideal bag to take with you on vacation because you then have a nice flexible hand luggage bag and a super beach bag.

3. What is your All-time favorite activity?

Good food and preferably in a southern country.

4. We often hear that ATF generates a kind of feel-good feeling. Do you recognize that? And what makes you even more happy?

Hell yes! It's the icing on the cake; just more than just hanging a bag on your shoulder. And I notice that it not only adds a feel-good feeling to me, because I am often approached about the bag.

Furthermore, I am happy with nice weather, time to be outside and if everything goes well with everyone dear to me.

5.Which holiday destination is your all-time favorite and why?

Portugal! Both for long family vacations and for my annual mommy escape trips on my own. It has so much to offer. From beautiful nature that is so different from region to region, to hip hotspots in the cities, cultural history and a perfect road network. Great climate and ditto food. Do I need to say more?

6. At ATF we like a drink, which is your favorite?

I can not choose! That varies per occasion. A Duvel on a terrace, good wine with dinner, a nice gin and tonic in a club.

7. What color / print do you still miss in the ATF collection?

A canvas shopper in gray with the letters in low contrast.

And no color or print, but one wish: a backpack. I have a perfect backpack with the zippers and pockets exactly in the right place. Just one with an ATF sauce would be perfect.

8. Is there anything you would like to ask me?

You have grown enormously in a few years. From just to 1 employee and packing yourself, to multiple employees and you have outsourced your warehouse. How do you experience that? Because it is actually a job there.

What a nice question! Of course I am APE proud, but I also experience it as pretty tough. Because if you have always done everything yourself and suddenly have to give it away, that makes me restless. When everyone closes the door behind them at the end of the day and goes home, it always goes on with me. 24 / 7. So that on the one hand. On the other hand, all those new people around you (internal and external) also require certain management skills, which I do not naturally have. As a founder, you are used to operating alone. So that gives extra pressure. Everyone ultimately looks at me; what does she want, which way does she want to go? But luckily I have a great business coach from whom I really learn a lot, especially with regard to learning to delegate and let go. And my favorite home also thinks a lot with me. And that strengthens me again. I can't be good at anything!

Thank you for your answers and your enthusiasm for ATF, Annemiek!

Have a great weekend everyone! Love, Brechje


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