Meet ATFriend Leonie

Every month we ask 8 questions to an ATFriend. And what or who is an ATFriend do I hear you think? Well that is a real ATF fan, someone who sends nice photos to us, is enthusiastic on social media and often comes by in the webshop. And this month I would like to introduce you to Leonie. Maybe you already recognize certain pictures of Leonie today? Because some have you seen on Facebook on Wednesday, our "share your ATF moment" photo day? I emailed Leonie if she would like to answer 8 questions and I received such a nice enthusiastic response! See her answers here:

1.What was your first item from ATF? And why did you buy that one?

First I bought the pink transparent bag. I was looking for a beach bag and I really liked it, so bright! And it can withstand sand and water, so ideal if an unexpected wave arrives!

2.What do you use your ATF shopper (s) for the most?

Actually for many different moments; for groceries (the danger is that you can fill it up so much that it can hardly be lifted afterwards!), for weekends away, for hand luggage and beach bag (every outfit needs a different bag of course ... that's why I have it there are also quite a few :-) And for school! As a teacher you take a lot of things with you and this bag is so spacious; everything fits in!

3. What is your All-time favorite activity?

Certainly go on trips with my family and friends!

4. We often hear that ATF generates a kind of feel-good feeling. Do you recognize that? And what makes you even more happy?

I certainly recognize that! Because of that bright pink color inside, the bag keeps that 'girlish', even though it is tough on the outside! I am happy that so much fits in and when you close the zipper, you don't see it anymore! But stylish can leave.

5.Which holiday destination is your all-time favorite and why?

Hmm .. I can't choose! I really like city trips, nice two nights away. But also from girlfriend weekends to Ibiza, Marbella or Portugal. But I also love walking holidays in Austria! And have I already mentioned Asia or America? Everywhere my bags go with me! :-)

6. At ATF we like a drink, which is your favorite?

My favorite is a delicious freshly made cocktail on the beach! Beautiful sunset, friend (s) around me & music in the background ... Great!

7. What color / print do you still miss in the ATF collection?

I still miss that zebra print myself ... very nice! But jeeee .. how many bags can a person have? So I'll hold back for a while!

8. Is there anything you would like to ask us?

I would like to know how you always come up with those fun prints! I can't think of anything as a new print now, but if you come up with something new again, I think; yeah .. I always wanted something like that! :-) and then you have me again!

Brechje: I think I can say that I have an eye for trends. I scour the entire internet and follow a lot in the field of trends / fashion. I also look around a lot. I read a lot of articles, magazines, blogs, instagram. And I get a lot of inspiration from that. So it may be that I "spot" something before it really gets through. And I will take that with me when I start working for a new collection. Sometimes you are sometimes too early. Like with the scarves. That trend is only going to break through next summer on bags, in your hair, on the beach, etc and well .. then it has been in our webshop for half a year without there really being an eye for it. I think you will really like the new summer collection. Just be patient; 1 March comes online. Thank you for your nice answers Leonie and enthusiasm for my brand.

Have a great weekend everyone - love,



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