Meet our traveling agent Pascale!

If you click on the site in the menu on [points of sale], you will find more than 100 stores where our bags are sold. If you are wondering how we get all those nice outlets in the Netherlands ... well that is partly thanks to Pascale, our agent, who travels through the country with the collection and visits all those nice boutiques. Who is Pascale?

It has been a long time since I was called by a nice Brabant lady, with the same accent as myself. As a person from Brabant you can hear exactly from which part of Brabant someone comes. And this woman on the other side of the line came from Breda, where I also went to high school and we immediately had a click. Whether I was looking for a representative for ATF for the south of the country and whether we could drink coffee. We did that. And since then Pascale travels through the country with her nice Mini and the nice ATF shoppers.

* Describe yourself once in 5 keywords:

Enthusiastic, driven, creative, sincere, positive

* How did you end up at ATF?

Through a girlfriend who pointed me to ATF

* Where did you and Brechje get to know each other?

I approached Brechje myself. After we had been on the phone for a while, we agreed together in the Den Bosch region and immediately had a click.

* How long have you been working for ATF?

I have been working for ATF 3 for years now.

* What exactly are you doing as an ATF representative?

I approach as many potential stores, boutiques, lifestyle & concept stores as possible to see if they are interested in ATF and would like to sell our brand.

* What do you like most about your work?

Of course I like being on the road / traveling and visiting stores. This way you will come to many places and you will talk to many nice entrepreneurs. You also stay up to date with regard to the latest trends and what is going on in the stores. I also like the challenge of being at the right places with ATF.

* How do you approach stores? Do you just walk in?

Differs. On the one hand I of course have my regular addresses where I sell ATF or one of my other labels. This is mainly by appointment if there is a new collection. On the other hand by doing prospecting. In addition, it works best for me to just walk into stores. That way I can immediately show one or two of our shoppers that I have with me. And I show our lookbook where I tell the ins and outs of our collection. If interested, I can then take the rest of the collection out of my car to compile an image for that store.

* What are the reactions you get when you enter the store with the ATF bags?

Generally super fun! ATF is a very original, cool & distinctive brand. And that is noticed.

* As a representative you are of course often on the road, what is your favorite shopper you have with you and why?

I am a huge fan myself. Our shoppers are not only super handy, but also look so stylish. That's why I have multiple favorites. And with my profession I always have a lot to take with me for the various labels. I am currently traveling as a transition to winter with the Black Croco, Disco Green & Python Natural. Soon I am going to take the Fake Fur Black, Tweed Blue & Scuba Black when it gets a bit colder.

* Can you take some pictures so that we can see what a working week of yours looks like?


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