My new buddy!

YES! It's Friday again so it's time for my weekly blog! This week I am with my family in the Algarve and I have discovered a new buddy there: the large shopper STRAW print.

Last week at the office I asked Amber and Layla, just before I left for Portugal; which bag will I take with me this time and which bag will I take with me in my blog next week? Amber said, take a shopper that you might not find out so quickly. Then I had a choice of sequins, that is just a bit too much bling bling for me, or the straw bag. No matter how great I think the result of this wicker-look-a-like bag is, I myself would not have chosen this so quickly. So huppetee from the comfort zone (= again python shopper) I went on my way to Portugal with the straw bag.

And from the very first moment that I was on this bike from the company home I was happy with the choice. I was sitting with my head in the summer with this bag! Really, this bag really gives you instant summer feelings! (how nice are those pink pompoms attached to the bag ?!) At home I packed the bag and last weekend I flew with the whole family to the Algarve. I would like to take a photo on the stairs near the plane. But I had to check in my straw bag at the counter, because my sweet 5kg's golf bag was too heavy, we got two options: either he had to pay extra or we could check in my bag free of charge so that we could put 5kg out of his golf bag in my bag. I didn't quite understand the logic of the last option, because what does it actually solve? But there was a slightly fanatic lady at the check-in counter.

The rest of the week my STRAW bag and I have been inseparable. From the beach, to the supermarket (because nowadays also in Portugal you have to pay for your plastic bags!). We were with his 13 and so quite a few groceries fit in my bag. Of course my mother (zebra shopper L) and my two sisters-in-law also had ATF bags (and towels) with us and we were one big ATF family. (sisters-in-law: one the large camouflage shopper and the other the small black croco shopper.)

The colors of the bag (beige and pink) matched surprisingly well with many outfits, so good that I really found a new size for this summer. You will spot me with this shopper more often, too nice right? There are already many of you who have also purchased this STRAW bag in the webshop. I am very curious how you like this bag and whether you can combine it so easily with your outfits?

I hope you had a great King's Day today and wish you a wonderful weekend! And for everyone who goes on vacation; enjoy it. (and don't forget your ATF shopper!). I enjoy the Portuguese sun for a little while longer!

Love, Brechje


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