Just when you think you are on the right track, this is what you do .....

Thank you for being here again and reading my weekly blog! My name is Brechje Gondrie, founder of All-time Favorites and I take you every week in my adventure to make All-time Favorites the big bag brand in the Netherlands. This week I was really worried!

Since the beginning of the existence of Facebook and All-time Favorites, the two have merged. Facebook was new and everyone went en masse from Hyves to Facebook and I participated. You could create a nice private page for yourself and one for your company. The two looked the same. People joined ATF from day one and wanted to stay informed about ATF. And I loved that!

Facebook soon decided that companies should not have a "private account". A business page had to look different. So that page that we had built up so nicely, we had to get rid of the 1 on the other day. And start creating a business page. We had no choice. In 1 times you will lose all your followers. We had to start all over again. Fortunately you found us again soon enough.

In recent years we have grown into a fun enthusiastic community of almost 8500 ATF fans. I am naturally very proud of that. Anyone who has clicked on the "I want to follow" or "like" button will, as it were, join in and want to know what kind of fun we have. We therefore spend a lot of time to reach you every day with nice or nice posts, nice win promotions, issues or other news.

But recently Facebook has changed something; under the guise that we all have to see more private pictures of friends and family on our timeline, because then it sounds nicer, they actually mean something else. Facebook no longer shows "free" the messages on your timeline of brands, restaurants or companies that you follow. ONLY still, and there he comes, when companies start paying for it! (Yes really!). And I'm not talking about ads here, which you obviously have to pay for, but just nice daily posts. For example, our weekly share-your-ATF moment post that we always post on Wednesday, Facebook will no longer show you. It could be, now that you are reading this, that you are indeed saying, "That's right, I have not seen much of ATF lately".

So since this new rule is applied within Facebook, Facebook does not show 8500 enthusiastic ATF followers our nice posts, but only 550, or even less. Suddenly it just collapsed.

Only when we promote a post, so pay money for it, Facebook is willing to show you those nice posts, but then we have to pay so much money, that is impossible, we are not Coca Cola, Bijenkorf or Rituals with baking marketing budget! So instead of reaching 100% of our followers, we now only reach 2% of you if we don't pay anything. And that really disappoints me! Because it is such a nice medium for me and All-time Favorites to get in touch with you, the fans, the bag users, potential users, etc!

But .... there are solutions.

You can in fact enable a small check in ATF in your Facebook settings, so that you will always be informed! These are just a few steps, but it is not difficult! I will explain it step by step below, for your mobile, but also for your computer!

I hope we continue to see each other on Facebook! Because I want to keep showing you the nicest ATF items and ESPECIALLY: I desperately need your responses, comments, feedback etc to stay sharp and grow as a brand!

Have a great weekend, love Brechje

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