New round, new opportunities!

Yes again this week I will take you back in my big dream to turn All-Time Favorites into the BIG BAG brand of the Netherlands! And to make a brand big, it must of course come to the publicity. To realize that, I work together with a PR agency, we participate in the Friends of the Brands event and ... we also sponsor Miss Nederland, for example!

And last Sunday was the first new round (new opportunities) of the Miss Netherlands election and I was allowed to be present as a partner. 80 girls were present in a beautiful castle in Zeist who all want to become Miss NL. A whole new world opened up for me. I have no idea, but I think it hardly existed when I was 18 myself. I vaguely remember that there were Miss Netherlands elections. I believe you had a Miss province election or something and that 12 Miss NL was chosen from that 1 province? And that came on TV, but it was always so far from my bed show. Does anyone still remember this? And did you know where you could sign up for this, no idea?

That's why I looked my eyes out like that on Sunday. So many girls with a dream. But how do they know about existence? How did they sign up for this? I could ask the girls all. And that's where the media comes in. They all follow Miss Nederland 2017 Nicky Opheij on Instagram. Nowadays there is also a lot of attention for Miss NL on TV, such as at RTL Boulevard and last but not least Kim Kötter, who himself is former Miss Netherlands and owner of the organization of Miss Netherlands, also ensures that the awareness is high. And all those girls want to become Miss Nederland 2018.

After lunch the first round of waste was and the group went from 80 to 24 girls. And at the end of the day, 24 girls were selected from these 12 girls. And these 12 girls go to the final, leave for Sicily at the beginning of June and from that time onwards the competition has started. After the summer is the real final. And in the coming months these girls will be seen and followed a lot.

And that is why I thought it would be nice to commit ourselves as a partner to the Miss Netherlands election. We also did this last year and then the girls all walked with the turquoise python shopper because there was no time to make a special bag. But this year I really made a bag that was specially designed for Miss NL in a limited edition.

I knew they were going to Sicily. And when I typed in Sicily on Google and then clicked on images, this was the first photo I saw (see below). These colors, the sand-colored and the blue, gave me the idea to use these colors in the bag. When the girls go to Sicily in June, this bag will be for sale as a limited edition in our webshop (€ 69,95). I am curious what you think!

And so we come through the Miss Netherlands election, in a nice way in the publicity, because all 12 girls will take this bag on a journey, take them on their way to the final and hopefully we will also get this kind of nice photos again to see the bags at Schiphol. I am very curious!

Enjoy your long Pentecost weekend! Love, Brechje


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