Only 2 days ...

.... and then we put the webshop back into winter mode and we launch the new winter collection. Then the new winter gems come online and we can proudly show you everything. The strange thing about this is that it is new to you, but we have been looking at these models for more than half a year here at the office. So for us the novelty is already a bit from now on.

When we received the official samples more than half a year ago, we all immediately chose a favorite. And which I became mine, I want to share with you today; this pillow bag. (pillow = pillow). Often when I'm on the train or on the plane, I want to bump into something, but that often doesn't work because I don't have a pillow with me. Then I came up with the idea of ​​making an ATF shopper (which is always on the ground between my legs during the journey) in the form of a cushion. So that if I want to touch something, I always have a pillow with me.

This is of course impossible in practice. Because an ATF shopper is always packed and try to hold it up against the window of the plane with just your head and neck. But the seed was planned for a shopper in a pillow shape. Nice and soft and made from a very luxurious faux leather.

This shopper gives me a wonderful winter feeling. Sitting comfortably on the floor on a rug, together with your love, leaning against this beautiful black shopper. That's how I would like it if you deal with this shopper. Haha. This is available from Sunday!

Enjoy your weekend. Love, Brechje

ps Eline's winter favorite is the leopard gray and Jorien's fishskin silver! Go look it up in the webshop Sunday :-)

Pillow Bag

Small shopper pillow black

Small shopper black

small shopper black


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