ATF is also the place for the nicest Sint gifts!

Every year it is the same song again .... what do I give for presents with Sinterklaas? Certainly if you have agreed to spend some smaller amounts such as 10 or 25 euros. The one starts dice, the other has to make surprises or Sinterklaas is really celebrated in the form of a package night.

I don't know how you solve this every year? And whether you are celebrating Sinterklaas at all? I believe that half of the Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas and the other half (also) Christmas with gifts. For years I have been playing dice. Then we were all allowed to spend € 20 and buy as much garbage as possible so that we could go dice. And every year I came home with a mess: coasters, DVDs with bad films, ping-pong balls, the wrong color of eye shadow. Oh well you probably know it.

This year I don't celebrate Sinterklaas, but I do Christmas. And for both occasions we really have the nicest gifts in the collection this year. I wanted to add a little more gifts up to € 25 to the collection.

  • You can go to ATF for as little as € 10; for this amount we have a cute one gift card, which of course is great to give or to get in your shoe.
  • It then follows for € 14,95 key bag in 3 colors: python, zebra and leopard.
  • Then we have a new must-have in the collection at € 19,95: TELEPHONE CASES . Of course available in our bestselling animal prints zebra, python and leopard.
  • And then for € 25 we have a gift card and the new one makeup bags.

All of them super gifts for the holidays, right? My mother is a Christmas child, so she now also knows what to expect with her birthday haha. And for Boxing Day at my in-laws, the surprise is now gone.

So make sure if you play dice, draw lots or submit a wish list somewhere that you explicitly let know what you really like to get this year. Or really score points with your loved ones by giving these fun ATF gifts!

Have a lot of fun next Wednesday with Sinterklaas for those who are going to celebrate.

Love, Brechje

ps keep an eye on our social media from tomorrow: we have finished Instagram and on Facebook a very nice Advent calendar. So if you are not yet following us on both channels, do so quickly!

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