Out of office

How nice is it to be able to write my blog this week from sunny Spain? I am out of office this week and Amber and Layla are now guarding our fortress. Delicious. Since the establishment of my own bag brand in 2015, I have never gone on holiday as relaxed as now!

The official switch has been last week; from now on the webshop will be arranged by an external party. I was a bit tense about that. Would it go well? If you've always done everything in-house, letting go is a bit tricky. That is why this switch came out completely by chance with my much earlier planned vacation. Now I had to ... If this had been a year earlier, I should have canceled my vacation, but not now. I have two girls in the office who made sure that the transition went well and that I could let go a little. Although they still have to help me a bit: "Brech will now switch off your laptop again" ... Layla e-mails me. And she is right!

I enjoy Spain and am enjoying it immensely. The weather is super nice. And of course I brought a number of shoppers; 3 pieces to be precise. Together with Amber and Layla I had made a selection, so that I would not travel again with the same shoppers and be in the same bag again with the same bags. I take them everywhere! A day in Valencia was perfect for my little blue tie dye shopper. I used the silver neoprene shopper for the market / groceries but I also took it to the beach and to the bar! And the star shopper has also been to the beach a few times.

They come in handy somewhere every day. You will probably recognize that, right? Shopping, beach, hand luggage, bringing empty bottles and so on. Really ideal haha! And if I think that I am not the only one who enjoys ATF so much, but you also during holidays and your daily life, I just order a nice glass of delicious white wine and toast to a wonderful summer!

Have a great weekend! Love, Brechje

ps Finally, the big shopper camouflage is also available in small sizes, had you already seen that?


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