Plenty of ideas!

I think the best thing about my job is working on the collection and coming up with new prints or materials. If I let everything run wild, the collection would bulge in no time. Then the collection would not consist of more than 50 different shoppers, but more than 100 shoppers. What you may not know is that the minimum order quantity (in technical terms it is called MOQ, pronounced in English, that stands for minimum order quantity) per bag is really very high. So in order for a bag to go into production at all, I must consult myself: can we really sell a lot of pieces of this model? When in doubt, unfortunately, I won't do it. No more, I have to say. Because you learn through experience. I have certainly let bags go into production in the past slow movers turned out to be. And sometimes I get surprised.

Such as with the neoprene shoppers launched in the summer 2018. I often came across surf suits material, in bags, in clothing, in bikinis. (do you still know the rise of the bikini brand Triangl?) And then I thought I wanted to do something with this for ATF. The material is not as flexible as, for example, the cotton of the animal prints. That is why these shoppers could not be made with a zipper, but the bag remains upright, even though there is nothing in the bag. Is sometimes also very handy, for example on the beach I think. I chose the colors silver and gold. And that turned out to be a good move. Last winter I also added the small shopper in black neoprene to the collection and it was sold out in a month. That is why I brought this version back into the collection this summer, again in the summery gold and silver. With matching toilet bag.

This winter it will not be back in the collection, but it will be in the next summer, in new colors. And what I already ALWAYS know for sure: that will be a blast. Sometimes I just know in advance. To be continued... in February / March 2020 the new summer collection is coming online!

Are there any wishes from you regarding new materials? We already work with cotton, jute, sequins, canvas, faux leather, nylon and vinyl. Am I missing something?

Enjoy your weekend. Love, Brechje

small shopper neoprene silver

Neoprene beach bags

neoprene shopper

neoprene beach bag


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