Shoemaker just keep on reading!

As a creative person and as a founder of All-time Favorites I always see market / trade in everything. The ideas for the collection of All-time Favorites dance in my head. I have to hold myself back a lot every time. Fortunately my business coach also helps me with this and always tells me "shoemaker keep reading you"!

But that doesn't always work. That's how it seemed to me, in the winter of 2015, to include passport covers in the collection. And immediately I had it produced in 3 colors. I think it took more than three years before we finally sold them all.

Macbook sleeves also seemed fun; you could carry your laptop in your ATF shopper in the same color. I completely saw it. As a test I had it produced in our famous camouflage print. We didn't score super well with that either.

Shoes. I love it, they had to be in the collection of All-time Favorites. Nice summer sandals that had to be perfect for the beach, but where you could also go to work on a summer day. I've tried it all. The person who found all these things the nicest was me. And the landlord of our storage space, I think he really liked it too.

So, to keep it clear to everyone including myself, All-time Favorites is a big bag brand. With nice accessories that come with the bag. Such as a toilet bag and a matching beach towel in the summer. POINT.

But I couldn't help it again. It tickled so much that I persisted anyway. Because I have invented something new in the collection. If you go out in the summer and you naturally take your big ATF shopper with you, I'll see you or on the beach with your love, your family or friends. I see you picnicking somewhere in the park. Drinking wines on the boat. Just enjoying your freedom. And 1 thing was missing:

A ATF travel backgammon set!

You can have fun on the beach, on the boat, during a picnic or just in the park, have fun playing a game. Wijntje there, or something else. And enjoy the summer. All-time Favorites stands for freedom, feel good, going out, having fun and a game fits very well with that.

I chose our sturdy camouflage canvas material, the inside is of course pink and the stones are just black and white. And you roll it up and throw it in your ATF shopper! No it has nothing to do with large bags, but it has to do with you. Because I think this time, after 5 years, I can estimate what the ATF woman likes and how she likes to spend her summer!

What do you think about it? I like to hear from you.

Have a great weekend, love Brechje

Backgammon set All-time Favorites

Backgammon set All-time Favorites

Backgammon set All-time Favorites


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