Team ATF celebrates Sinterkerst!

Santa came early this year at ATF! We have had a real party week this week! Last weekend I had to work with my father and my love in the showroom. The new "bags that fit your life" lamp is finally hanging. So when the girls arrived at the office on Monday and they saw the pink lamp, a sort of disco party mood prevailed immediately.

But Monday, our fourth team member Jorien also started at ATF. Which means that the four of us are now at the office. In 2018, for example, we have grown from a team of 2 girls to a team of four. I have to tell you that I am naturally proud of this, but most of all I find it very pleasant! More than a year ago, when I was just sitting at my computer on my own, nowadays the table is set and we had a nice lunch. Much more fun!

Wednesday we celebrated Sinterkerst. A kind of combination of Sinterklaas and Christmas; so the gifts as it is with Sinterklaas and good food as it is with a Christmas lunch. I had reserved a table with LARS; a new restaurant here in the Houthavens. Of course I also invited my business coach Ole. And so we were on Wednesday at 13: 00 hour with five of us at a glass of champagne. And, as befits a Christmas lunch, we have sat at 16: 00 and ate a delicious meal.

After that there also had to be worked and after the bottles of wine, of course little came of that. Coincidentally, the new office chairs were delivered that day and it was a hilarious job to put them together after lunch. After that we went home fairly quickly haha.

This week, Eline has decorated the showroom in a Christmas theme, set up a Christmas tree and therefore it is a very pleasant intention here at ATF. And as a topper, we all had a bad Christmas sweater on today and Christmas music was on all day. You can't start early enough. The ATF Advent Calendar has also started this week and every day we "open" on social media "a door" with a nice surprise.

As you can see: we are completely ready for this fun festive month! You too?

Much love - Brechje


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